Adventures of the Space Guard: Intrusive invasion

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Sol Ponty

Adventures of the Space Guard.

[Episode One: Intrusive Invasion]

[Scene One: Manuris Atlantis]

This was the 2432nd universal year since the formation of the holy galactic empire “Bhakta”. Nothing special day. In the captain’s quarters were Matic and Tahigo Kohinagi. They played chess.

Tahigo: – Cap, you may be the most intelligent cap in the world, but your intelligence is nothing compared to the cunning of improvisation.

Matik, making a return move with a piece: – Ha-ha, your gambit will not work, not this time, buddy.

Tahigo: – You’re too predictable. I need to think about my next move.

Then Tahigo turned his chair towards the panoramic window overlooking Manuris Atlantis, and thought about something.

Manuris Atlantis is an artificial planet designed to patrol the far reaches of the galaxy. Several moons, also created artificially, which encircle this planet, act as the sun, a stabilizer of gravitational fields and protection from space objects. In general, this is a fascinating and, at the same time, a pacifying sight. 

[to be continued]

Matic: – Manuris Atlantis! – exclaimed Matic, throwing his short legs on the table, – Miracle of galactic trans-engineering! My place is next to him! Tahigo! And don’t expect to beat me while we’re here. This is my territory, Bro!

Tahigo: – I do not pretend to win, and this is my advantage, General Matic. Don’t take it as impudence, Your Excellency.

Matik is a chipmunk from the future who was once part of the general staff and helped reorganize the galaxy. With the highest IQ in the entire galaxy, he is able to solve any problem with logic. Therefore, the leadership of the galaxy has long recruited Matic, putting it at the service of the empire. Now in the Manuris Atlantis sector, he has been appointed commander-in-chief, and is responsible for the security of the galaxy in its outer sector.

Tahigo: – You took part in the creation of the planet. Tell me why she looks the way she does. Why doesn’t it look like a natural planet. Did you lack intelligence?

Matic answered with a smile: – What does not suit you, Tahigo? Not me, Tahigo, but you, constantly looking at him! So tell me! What surprises you?

Tahigo paused, asking the autobar for a Red Giant drink.

Tahigo: I have a Red Giant in my hands. I know it’s your favorite drink. And it is also red, like the color of your fur. By the way, on one of the planets I heard that red is the color of fools. Why didn’t you make Manouris red, like all the red that makes you so crazy? That’s the question that torments me, General. I’m afraid you’re in trouble. How often are you checked for adequacy?

Matic smiled: – Tahigo, kick me when you decide to make the next move.

Tahigo: – I’m sorry boss, you got me. I just want to take your mind off chess a little. And yet, how about a medical examination? Ha ha, I’m sorry, I can’t resist.

Matik: – Bro, it seems you have already gone a little against the backdrop of endless games lost to me. By the way, well done for finally deciding to try this drink.

Tahigo opened a database of drink recipes and chose a description of the Red Giant: “The Red Giant is a drink that does not have a traditional origin. The composition of the drink was developed in a laboratory way and includes many macro-micro elements, combines organic and synthetic compounds. It was created as a universal tonic drink for long-term space missions.Can be modified depending on the type of galaxy, star system or specific space activity in a given sector, as well as depending on the characteristics of the biological nature of the consumer.The main composition of the red giant includes fifth-density citrus fruits, tropical jev nectar and ananda balm”. 

[to be continued]

Tahigo: Speaking of which, I can’t help but ask you General, where did you come from? They say you’re from the future? What, is it true?

Matic: Om Sri Hari! Bestow all the blessings of this universe! – Said Matic, – someday I will tell you about it, Tahigo.

Tahigo made an idiotic face and, turning to the chess, made another move.

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[read the continuation in the second scene]

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© Copyright: Sol Ponty , 2022

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Sol Ponty

Adventures of the Space Guard.

[Episode One: Intrusive Invasion]

[Scene Two: Trouble in the Leoaf System]

Tahigo finally made another move while playing chess with Matic.

Matic: – Tahigo, tell me, on the basis of what do you make decisions? Sometimes it seems to me that your thoughts are somewhere else. I guessed?

Tahigo just stared at Matic, unwilling to say anything, and crossed his fingers in samadha mudra.

Matik: – G3:C7. And mate in two moves!

Tahigo remained silent as he stared at Matic.

Matik: What’s wrong with you?

At this time, the hologram of the Manuris Atlantis control center turned on:

“General Matik, an urgent message. Accept the call.”

– Get to work, – said Matic, giving a voice command to the bot to start broadcasting from the control center.

Matik: – Manuris, what do you have?

Control Center: – There are reports of strange and incomprehensible phenomena that are massively found in areas near the Leoaf star system. Lots of unidentified objects with no specific intentions. Their unsystematic and chaotic movement in space is observed. The nature of the objects is also unknown. Our instruments cannot identify them. We can only observe them in certain spectra of light waves.

Matik: – Are there any losses or threats among space civilizations that are in the invasion zone?

Control Center: – So far there is no damage and no one was hurt. However, the danger level is yellow. The fact is that the appearance of these objects interferes with the navigation systems of space transport, which is located in the invasion area. In addition, we are afraid of an increase in panic and an increase in the level of uncontrolled migration through space corridors.


Matik: – Manuris, stay in touch and call all members of the space guard, I order everyone to report to the mother cruiser Maha-Vimana.

Control Center: – Let’s start executing the order. Communication session ended.

Matic leaned back in his chair and began to think, staring up at the ceiling with unfocused eyes. At that moment, his brain went through all the possible causes of the events. From time to time, he asked Tahigo to find more information.

Matic: – Tahigo, what is known about the Leoaf system?

Tahigo: According to the archives, the system is ancient. Moreover, about 3700 universal years ago, it was transferred from another sector of the galaxy to distant frontiers.

Matic: – The reason? 

Tahigo: It’s about undesirable proximity to other star systems. The cross-radiation of stars was the cause of cosmic anomalies. The system consists of 14 planets. 5 planets are inhabited. Others are used as industrial bases and stations. And the most interesting thing, you will definitely like it, the system has a double sun, while both suns are red giants.

“Ha ha,” Tahigo exclaimed, but just as abruptly cut off the emotion, once again assuming a serious and gloomy look.

Matik: – In general, this may be enough to explain the reasons for what is happening. However, it is not certain that this sufficiency will be exhaustive. Might have to look for something else. Tahigo, take my orders. Release your mice, let them circle in the invasion zone, collect information. By the time the guards are assembled, we will have at least some information.

Tahigo: – That’s right, General. I start the task.

Then Tahigo went down to the captain’s bridge and took command of the reconnaissance operation.

[to be continued]

© Copyright: Sol Ponty , 2022

translated by Google Translator

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Sol Ponty

Adventures of the Space Guard.

[Episode One: Intrusive Invasion]

[Scene Three: Strange Tadpoles]

Meanwhile, at the command of Tahigo Kohinaga, reconnaissance shuttles separated from Maha Wiman’s mother star cruiser. Taking a course towards the Leoaf system, they, one by one, made a hyper jump.

Tahigo: – Af-af, the mice are flying to Leoaf.

Having made a hyperjump, the shuttles opened the floodgates, from which plasmoids began to fly into outer space in order to collect information about the environment. Plasmoids communicate with their shuttles, sending the collected data to their server. On Tahigo’s orders, shuttles spread out throughout the Leoaf system to scan all space in that star sector. Matic called these reconnaissance complexes mice, as they could sneak anywhere and anywhere, quickly collecting all the necessary data, while not attracting much attention to themselves and remaining unnoticed by anyone.

One of the shuttles took up position in orbit around Mondeo, a habitable planet in the Leoaf system. Mondeo is located at a considerable distance from the red giants, so the planet has artificial satellites that generate stellar radiation sufficient to heat the planet and maintain a comfortable microclimate. It all looks like a cosmic light show.

At this time, Tahigo analyzed the data coming from this shuttle: – Mondeo, let’s take a closer look at you.

It turned out that there are no nights on the planet, as it is evenly illuminated by several generators of sunlight. At all latitudes of Mondeo, the same temperature is observed, averaging about one Tulasi. In the Bhakta Empire, the unit that measures the degree of temperature is the heat emitted by the sacred Tulasi tree. So Tulasi serves as a measure of temperature throughout the galaxy. And the flowering period of this plant determines the universal cosmic year.

– A real oasis among the gloomy and lifeless space, Tahigo thought, looking at the planet from different angles.

Tahigo: There are no seas or oceans on the planet. But there are a lot of lakes and rivers. Almost the entire territory of the planet is covered with tropical forests.

Suddenly, one of the plasmoids recorded the anomalies in Mondeo’s orbit, which were discussed in the communication session with Manuris.

What’s this? Hmm. – Tahigo was puzzled, – Some incomprehensible tadpoles. First time I see this. That’s all we still lacked, – Tahigo continued to talk to himself, clearly not wanting to rack his brains over this problem. Tahigo then sat down on the floor to concentrate and raise the power of his psychic abilities by doing a short set of meditations. Tahigo sat with his eyes closed and his knees folded. At this moment, he performed various mudras, while simultaneously saying some mantras.


Having finished his concentration, Tahigo got up from his knees and took the place of the chief on the captain’s bridge. By this point, the drones had collected enough information to be able to determine at least something intelligible from the current situation in the Leoaf system. Tahigo then contacted Matic to pass on key information.

Tahigo: Boss, I don’t quite understand what’s going on. I built a model of unidentified objects as if they were visible to the human eye. Look at this: some strange tadpoles. I scanned them in all databases, but found nothing. There is nothing like it in our galaxy.

Matik: – You said in ours?

Tahigo: – Yes, in our galaxy… – Tahigo hesitated for a moment, – Guru Dev! – exclaimed Tahigo, – for sure, these guys are not from our galaxy! I do not know who it is, or what it is, but definitely not from our galaxy.

Matik: – Yes, I agree with you. Wait, I have ideas about these objects. I have heard of intergalactic nomads who roam the universe. They use hyperspace for their roads. As landmarks in hyperspace, they can use the radiation of solar systems. In each of the galaxies, they mark several such systems, which give them a green corridor to pass through the galaxy.

Tahigo: Why did they need to travel through the galaxy?

Matic: – And then, Tahigo, that perhaps our galaxy is in their path. Who knows, maybe they are flying from somewhere in a very distant galaxy that we are not even able to see through the most powerful telescopes. The universe is infinite, Tahigo.

Tahigo: Stop, General! And yet, it doesn’t look like they’re flying anywhere.

Matic: – Tahigo, I’ll try to explain to you. You yourself know that the Leoaf system has been moved entirely to a new sector on the far frontiers.

Tahigo: What are you getting at?

Matic: – Most likely these creatures are stuck in hyperspace due to the fact that their navigation is tied to the Leoaf system.

Tahigo: – So these creatures are now in hyperspace, and at the same time appear in space in the Leoaf sector?

Matik: – I’m sure of it. Moreover, most likely they specifically want to be noticed.

Tahigo: Some sort of distress signal?

Matik: Exactly!

Tahigo: – What do we do now, Boss?

At this moment, Sky Rocket appears on the captain’s bridge, accompanied by several soldiers – the captain of the space guard, the head of special operations.

Sky Rocket: – What’s going on?

[ to be continued ]

© Copyright: Sol Ponty

translated by Google Translator

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Sol Ponty

Adventures of the Space Guard.

[Episode One: Intrusive Intrusion]

[Scene Four: Dream Team]

Tahigo: – Whom do I see! Invincible Sky Rocket! I have the honor! Tahigo greeted Sky Rocket with a gesture, “Captain, I just got all the information I need.”

Sky Rocket, real name Dee Lard, got her call sign from endless movement around the galaxy, doing various tasks for Matic and Manuris Atlantis.
Tahigo brought Dee up to speed, detailing the details of the collected data, as well as voiced the main ideas received in the discussion with Matic. At that moment, Matik appeared on the captain’s bridge.

Matic: – Captain Lard, I welcome you!

Sky Rocket: – Om Shri Hari, bestow all the blessings of this universe, – Dee greeted Matic, folding her palms in namaste.

Matik: – May the sweetest Absolute, Hari Om, enlighten our minds! Matik said in response, assuming a vrikshasana pose with folded palms at his chest.

Sky Rocket: – General, – Dee turned to Matic, – all that we know about this situation is some unknown aliens stuck in hyperspace, and somehow reflecting in the Leoaf system, and it’s not a fact that this is the case.

Matic: – Dee, do you have any ideas?

Sky Rocket: – These are just phantoms that do not have a material component. I usually settle things with those who can demonstrate a couple of discouraging blows, or accuracy of shots. But not this. I don’t understand what I can do here.

Matic: – Di, no one is going to force you to fight phantoms. I have a slightly different plan for you.

Tahigo decided to intervene in the conversation: – The boss always has a couple of tricks up his sleeve!

Matic and Sky Rocket looked at Tahigo.

Sky Rocket, referring to Matic: – And? What is your plan?

Matic: – We need to transfer the Leoaf system back to the point in space where it was originally located. If the aliens’ navigation is configured to use Leoath as a beacon, then the bug in their navigation system should disappear after this special operation, and their passage through hyperspace will continue as normal. The problem will be solved.

Sky Rocket: – And what, in fact, is my part of the work.

Matic: – Dee, you need to proceed to the sector of the galaxy at coordinates G-8; F-5; W-14, which used to be home to the Leoaf system, reconnaissance there and take measures to ensure that the transfer of the star system takes place without any – or problems.

Sky Rocket: – But why not send mice there? Or is there something I don’t know?

Tahigo: – By the way, Matic, Sky is speaking. Mice will collect information in no time.

Matic: – You are right, friends, however, not everything is as simple as it seems. After Leoaf was transferred to distant frontiers, this sector of the galaxy was closed to reconnaissance operations.

Sky Rocket: – And for what reason?

Matik: – It’s simple. This piece of space was leased to private investors. Now it is private property. Of course, we can ask the leadership of the galaxy to declare a state of emergency, but at the moment, this is overkill. Skye, your first priority is to assess the situation in the old Leoaf system, and report back to me on the results. We will definitely come up with something. Anything can be expected of you. Therefore, it will be better if you arrive in this sector under the guise of a Star Trader or Hunter.

Sky Rocket: – That’s right, General.

Matic: – Tahigo, you will lead the operation to transfer the Leoaf system to your home sector. Please prepare everything for this, this is not an easy job.

Tahigo: – That’s right! Tahigo snapped, adding mockingly, “Of course not simple. Just something to drag a couple of red giants to the other end of the galaxy.

Matic: Dee!

Sky Rocket: – Yes sir!

Matik: – Be careful. For us, this is uncharted territory. We may fail if we do not take into account unforeseen situations.

Sky Rocket: – You can rely on me, general, – sounded from Dee’s lips, – follow me, – she turned to her warriors, and headed to the mine, where her starship was located.

“Good luck, Dee,” Matic said.

“Good luck Di,” Tahigo added, “and good luck to me too,” Tahigo rumbled with an idiotic face.

[to be continued]

© Copyright: Sol Ponty

Translated by Google Translator

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Sol Ponty

Adventures of the Space Guard.

[Episode one: Intrusive invasion]

[Scene five: Secret mission]

– Captain Lard, – Shani, the starship pilot, addressed her, – we are entering the sector boundaries at coordinates G-8;F-5;W-14.

“Agreed,” Dee replied, “find the main port for star traders.” According to our data, the industrial production of planets and star systems is carried out in this sector.

Shani: – That’s right, captain. I’m sending a space search signal.

In the Bhakta system, there is a rule for the entry of stellar transport into certain systems, according to which a space ship is required to give a “space search” signal so that the government of the stellar system would determine a landing site for it, depending on the type of ship and its goals. Pilot Shani was instructed by the captain to identify herself as a merchant vessel on a commercial visit. In case of such a scenario, Lard had a legend prepared according to which she represented the interests of the powerful trade syndicate “Centuri”, and her name was Lady Arcadia.

Meanwhile, Indra’s pilot team, the name of the type of spaceship that Dee and his team operate on, received a response signal with approach coordinates and a greeting message in the form of a hologram, in which a humanoid race creature dressed in a cassock broadcast:

“You welcomes the Space Builders Guild. We create planets, stars, grand star transport ships, and more for every need and requirement. Our chief architect is looking forward to meeting you. Thank you for your visit.”

Sky Rocket turned to her team: – Does everyone remember how to behave?

“No magic,” Jade replied, releasing a couple of plasma balls from her palms, which immediately evaporated.

– Hey, beauty, without tricks, it was not enough to burn our ship, – Bo, a master of martial arts and knife fights, said a little nervously.

– Bo, how about you? Sky Rocket asked him.

“I’m fine,” Bo said, and with a couple of subtle movements, he crossed his arms over his chest, holding knives in his palms.

Sky Rocket: – Exactly all right?

Then Bo with one sharp movement sheathed his bladed weapon: – Yes, ma’am!

Sky Rocket: – Shani! What about you?

Shani on speakerphone: – We are greedy star traders who are willing to buy or sell anything or anyone. And I serve Your Excellency for money.

Jade: – We are complete scum without principles.

Bo: – Speak for yourself, witch!

Sky Rocket: – Set aside! Jade! Bo doesn’t understand your humor! Bo, she’s just in character. To complete the task, we will need to stick to our legend. I am a princess from the Centuri clan. This is a real-life syndicate clan that is known for its trade throughout the galaxy. They have their own army and navy with a rigid, I would even say ruthless power structure that is based on fear and violence. Bo, – Dee turned to him, – now you understand?

Bo: – Now I understand, mistress.

Meanwhile, their starship came in to land at the designated location. This is one of the hangars of the spaceport, where various spacecraft are parked. The system of landing terminals of this spaceport resembles the asteroid belt of some planets – the shape of a disk, and the spaceport itself is located inside, and looks like a flattened sphere of golden color.

As soon as Indra took his place on the landing field, the process of opening the gangway began, behind which the silhouettes of Sky Rocket appeared, dressed as Princess Arcadia, surrounded by her team.

[to be continued]

© Copyright: Sol Ponty

Translated by Google Translator

Sol Ponty

Adventures of the Space Guard.

[Episode One: Annoying Intrusion]

[Scene Six: Bo’s story. Part one]

Planet Earth. Territory of the northern Urals. 7352 BC

Early morning. Alternate chirping of birds. There was a cautious sound of hooves and the ringing of chain mail. Riders appeared from the veil of thick fog that spread over the dense forest. A detachment of three people, judging by their appearance, these are heroes. All three are armed and equipped with armor in the form of protective metal helmets, chain mail and shields. The first rider leading the column holds a spear with a massive serrated tip and carries a scabbard with melee weapons. The second rider, while on horseback, leads two horses with provisions and some strange objects. A flail is visible on his belt – a military weapon of a nomadic warrior, as well as a sword sheathed behind his back. The third horseman holds a hefty halberd in his hand, carefully looking around. From their appearance, you can understand that they are very cautious and expect to meet with something. The spear rider in charge of the party signaled for everyone to stop and froze for a moment. Then one of the riders, following at the very end, tightened his grip on the hilt of his halberd, furrowing his thick brows.

“Come out, creatures,” he muttered in a half-whisper.

Then the first rider began to dismount from his horse.

  • Ratibor, what happened, – quietly asked him Bodar, walking behind.

Ratibor, getting to his feet, and sticking a spear into the ground, answered in a whisper: – Hush, – after which, turning to the side, he began to unfasten his belt to relieve himself of a small need.

Then Mitrius, a rider with a halberd, grimaced a displeased face, and became even more anxious.

Bodar, who was between them, carefully assessed the situation and remained calm.

Suddenly, total silence reigned around them, the birds fell silent, and the sound of urine falling on the grass became distinct and bright. It seemed that Ratibor had finished emptying his bladder, judging by the fading sound of the jet breaking on the grass, however, another wave followed. At that very moment, a loud whistle was heard.

De-e-emons! yelled Mitrius and raised his halberd for a swing.

At this moment, two creatures the size of a horse run out of the dense forest thicket. The body of these creatures is similar to a giant chicken with snake scales instead of feathers, and instead of one head – three. All three heads look like the head of a monitor lizard on long and powerful necks.

Ratibor took his spear and prepared to repel the attack of one of the monsters. Meanwhile, the second monster managed to run up to Mitrius so quickly that he did not have time to do anything. The monster simply grabbed him by the head with one mouth and pulled him off the horse. At that moment, Bodar, who was next to him, pulled out his massive sword from its scabbard and cut off one of the heads of this monster with one fell swoop. The monster stepped back slightly, releasing the bloodied Mitrius from its mouth, uttering a heart-rending and wild howl. Taking advantage of this situation, Bodar threw a bludgeon at one of the remaining heads of this monster and, making two confident swings with his sword, decapitated the monster to the end. At that moment, another individual laid siege to Ratibor, who threw a spear, but missed and hid behind a tree, drawing his saber. Ratibor was breathing heavily and often, leaning back against the tree trunk, which, apparently, speaks of panic, confusion and a huge surge of adrenaline. Bodar at that time ran up to Mitriy to assess his condition.

Bodar: – Mitri! Mitry! he shouted in the face of Mitrius, who obviously could no longer speak or move, but was still alive.

Through force, with difficulty, not very intelligibly, Mitriy managed to say: – Kill this creature!

Don’t leave, brother! Bodar shouted furiously.

At this moment Mitriy expired. Seeing this, Bodar went into a wild frenzy. Climbing on his horse, and raising his sword above his head, he hurried to Ratibor to attack the second monster. The monster noticed the approaching Bodar and turned in front of him, uttering wild and ferocious screams, preparing to take the fight. Bodar, swinging his sword over his head, rapidly approached the monster, and being next to him, he took off two heads at once in one fell swoop, but the third head of the monster managed to grab him by the leg and pull him off the horse. And now, bruised from a fall from a horse, Bodar lies on the ground, and this monster looms over him. Bodar tries to crawl away from him, lying on his back, but he is very bad and not clumsy due to his injuries. Then the monster stepped on Bodar with its paw to keep him from moving and prepared to deliver a control blow with his remaining head, with razor-sharp teeth. And as soon as this monster was about to make a breakthrough, it was suddenly pierced by the spear of Ratibor.

Die, you bastard, – exclaimed Ratibor, piercing the monster with a spear.

As soon as the monster was defeated, Ratibor, leaning his hand on his spear, stood next to Bodar to catch his breath. The warriors simply came to their senses, looking at each other and looking around.

Then Ratibor asked Bodar: – What about Mitriy?

Bodar lying on the ground: – He is at ….

Suddenly, Bodar was interrupted by a strange flash of light, accompanied by a pop, after which the charred Ratibor collapsed to the ground.

A moment later, a strange flying disk hovered over Bodard, which directed a beam of dense light at him. A beam of light began to pull Bodard into this disc.

  • Demons! – Bodar hopelessly exclaimed, after which he began to lose consciousness and passed out.

[To be continued]

© Copyright: Sol Ponty , 2022

translated by Google Translator