Tahigo Kohinagi

Tahigo Kohinagi is a deposed demon wandering the Earth. Despite his neutral disposition, Tahigo is obsessed with drawing people into dangerous and difficult situations. This obsession with Tahigo formed an insistent sense of his stay on Earth. It doesn’t matter who you are, to Tahigo you are just a human being. If you are human, then you will definitely meet Tahigo Kohinagi.

It was said that Tahigo Kohinagi has a neutral disposition. Therefore, Tahigo Kohinagi can be seen as a powerful ally.

Despite his dark obsession, Tahigo Kohinagi strictly honors the code of the Bin Tzu dynasty of warriors, based on the great virtues of the four Pillars of Destiny.

If someone managed to please or please Tahigo Kohinagi, then Tahigo Kohinagi will protect such an ally from enemies, dragging them into a dangerous situation in which they will suffer irreparable losses.

Therefore, Tahigo Kohinagi is the most controversial and mysterious character in the Manuris Atlantis universe. Nobody knows what the nature of Tahigo Kohinagi is. Many prefer not to attract his attention, a few are looking for an audience with him, and the most unlucky ones become toys in his hands.



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